DATES: July 18-21


LOCATION: ABC Camp (Eunice, LA)


Who can go to Camp YTH?

Students going to 6th grade to graduated seniors are allowed to come to Camp YTH.

At the time of registering my child, am I locked in to the lower cost?

You must have camp paid in full during the time period of Early and Regular Registrations in order to be locked in to that lower cost. Any student who is not FULLY paid for by the deadline of each registration cost will then be charged the higher price. 

What is Crew Clash?

Crew Wars are one of the most hype things we do at camp. We will separate the entire camp into 4 Crews and will complete in different competitions to win the championship. We give points based on winning, spirit, and participation. Crew Clash games will have Junior High and High School split. So come ready in your Crew color.

What is the Swag Bag?


All Crews have different colors. This year we are offering Swag Bags for $40 which will include a Crew Clash Shirt, wristband, and bandana in their Crew Color. They will receive the swag bag along with their Camp YTH bag. 

What is the packing list?
  • Casual and Athletic Clothes – Pack for Crew Clash, free time, and sessions.
  • Swimsuit – Modest is hottest y’all. We are scared of belly buttons and will make you cover it up.
  • Good Shoes -There will be lots of walking.
  • Money – Snack and food options are available at Snacks during Down Time as well as merch.
  • Towels & Toiletries – Don’t be the one who forgets deodorant….or soap….or shampoo.
  • Sunscreen – Don’t learn this one the hard way. It’ll be hot.
  • Bible – The Word of God is good for you.
  • Crew Gear – Which crew are you? Pack to win points.
  • Twin Size Bedding and Pillow
  • Medication – Please don’t forget your meds. They will be turned into the nurse upon arrival.
  • Snacks- For those late night munchies.
Where can I find out more about ABC Camp?

You can find more about ABC Camp by going to their website, abccamp.com or by sending us an email at yth@oscconnect.com.

The address is:

1202 Academy Road
Eunice, LA 70535

What other rules will Camp YTH have in place?
  • Students will be allowed to have phones but we will ask them to limit their time on them to just in their dorms.
  • Students will be required to turn in their keys upon check in.
  • Guys and girls will stay in two separate dorm buildings and junior high and high school will be staying in two different parts of each dorm building.
  • While we will have our tribe leaders who will be the supervision for each of their students; we will also have RAs which will act more supervision to make sure every student is where they need to be. 
Have any other questions?

Just email us at yth@oscconnect.com or call our offices at 337-616-1777.